Monday, 25 November 2013

Google Glasses

This is a fairly recent design which will no doubt impact society. Google glasses will benefit many people, for example, users with disabilities who may have trouble using their arms, will find it much easier to be able to control the glasses via the use of their eyes. Google glasses also means that people can use the glasses to record and give a new perspective, for example a referee can now give their pitch view which others can then see. However, google glasses presents a problem with recording, in that people can record without others knowing, which would invade privacy, for example if someone filmed someone else getting changed. Police may be benefited a lot, this would be because google glasses could be used as evidence, and will likely be better quality then the body camera.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Raspberry Pi- an example of its potential

Now, we haven't properly seen the Raspberry Pi's potential in a real situation, well an Article which is very recent, has showed us this. A student at Oxford University, successfully managed to put into place, a working and efficient system. Through months of coding on a raspberry Pi, Johan Paulsson had created an efficient day to day system. To put into perspective, a bar that previously had no idea about the quantity of its items, now has sales updates at 30 minute intervals, with the Raspberry Pi able to warn the bar when there is a staff shortage or item shortage. Paulsson has even managed to have  programmed the Raspberry Pi to detect temperature for health and safety