Friday, 7 February 2014

New backup technology

The cloud-

The cloud is an online method to backing things up, this involves saving data to the cloud, which is separated from the business in its physical location, files can be accessed from anywhere providing that the user had the right access details, this can be useful, as it can save a lot of physical storage software, however it does mean that if the cloud were to go down, or to be hacked, then the users data would be at risk

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

3D Printing

A recent development in IT, is 3D printing, with 3D printing, people can now effectively print anything, for example, it has already been used to print a working gun

3D printing, is generally useful, for example, once a design has been created, it can then be printed, rather than having to wait for people to make it, it can be sent to the printer, and all that the designer would need to do would be to wait, however, by using 3D printing, an implication would be job losses, as there would be less of a need for people to create designs, as the printer can do their job.

3D printing may also put a company at risk, as if a hacker/ unauthorised user gets hold off a prototypes design, they can mass print it.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Google Glasses

This is a fairly recent design which will no doubt impact society. Google glasses will benefit many people, for example, users with disabilities who may have trouble using their arms, will find it much easier to be able to control the glasses via the use of their eyes. Google glasses also means that people can use the glasses to record and give a new perspective, for example a referee can now give their pitch view which others can then see. However, google glasses presents a problem with recording, in that people can record without others knowing, which would invade privacy, for example if someone filmed someone else getting changed. Police may be benefited a lot, this would be because google glasses could be used as evidence, and will likely be better quality then the body camera.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Raspberry Pi- an example of its potential

Now, we haven't properly seen the Raspberry Pi's potential in a real situation, well an Article which is very recent, has showed us this. A student at Oxford University, successfully managed to put into place, a working and efficient system. Through months of coding on a raspberry Pi, Johan Paulsson had created an efficient day to day system. To put into perspective, a bar that previously had no idea about the quantity of its items, now has sales updates at 30 minute intervals, with the Raspberry Pi able to warn the bar when there is a staff shortage or item shortage. Paulsson has even managed to have  programmed the Raspberry Pi to detect temperature for health and safety

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Effects on Society

Impact on society-

The Raspberry Pi has impacted society, the main reason for this is due to the astonishingly low pricing of it. This means that people who before, had not had enough to purchase a computer, can now buy a Raspberry Pi, allowing them the use of such an item. The raspberry Pi can be used as a stepping stone, the Raspberry Pi, allows for basic coding, which means users young and old can use it to further their computing skills, this is also very useful for people beginning coding. The Raspberry Pi can be used by anybody of any experience, which in effect would mean a closer IT society, as people can share their achievements through the Raspberry Pi, this can be seen in the video below, where accomplishments achieved by the Raspberry Pi can be seen below
In this video we can see  not only the used of the Raspberry Pi, but that this recent IT development creating its own little community, as people with a Raspberry Pi, or an interest, can share with each other,

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Raspberry pi

The Raspberry pi is effectively, a makers dream come true Originally conceived as an educational product for removing as many barriers as possible for teaching people to program, Pi has been popping up in inventive creations to make all kinds of electronic doodads come to life.
Despite its low price and small  size, the Raspberry Pi is an extremely capable machine that can run a number of different functions. These are mostly special versions of Linux, but some have even managed to have hacked Android onto it.
Considering the low price and relatively simple structure, its amazing to see the things people are doing with the raspberry pi device

Friday, 13 September 2013


Raspberry pi- to most, the thought of a raspberry pie would occur, however, raspberry pi is actually a mini computer, designed to encourage coding in younger people, and for its capability, is incredibly cheap, with prices as low as £26 for a basic one. Released on the 29th February 2012, the Raspberry Pi is a very recent development in It